Maxed Out

I was just going through some old blog entries and came across this and thought I’d blog it again. I still love all the looks, particularly the first one. It makes me think that I should put a maxi on my ‘wish list’ to update my own wardrobe.


I think the maxi is a hard to wear stylish look – whatever your age.  Particularly hard to wear with anything other than a sandal or a sneaker and get the proportions right.  I sort of feel the same about a wide legged trouser.  But it can be such great comfort dressing as well as an easy mix  up from always wearing a pant … and no fake tan required.

Here’s a few maxi looks I think are done well.


The mix up on the left between formal and casual is unexpected and adds edge.  This is tricky as it’s quite a youthful play, and you can end up looking a bit like a bag lady if you don’t get it just right.  But don’t be afraid of the idea of anchoring this type of length with with a trainer or plimsoll.  I think it gives just the right amount…

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