I love this quote.  I need to remind myself of it every time I worry that I’m too old, too invisible, too late to do something.  (Not so much wear something, I’m pretty good at staying in touch with my inner thirty year old).

So I guess it’s a good quote to introduce my first post as a shop owner.  Actually consultant/researcher/shop owner/stylist/home manager is more like it.

In many ways opening a boutique is a dream come true (in financial ways it’s a nightmare, but dreams are like that sometimes).  I get to shop and play dress ups every day.  I also get a whole set of new material for the blog that goes beyond just taking pictures of myself (which to be honest, I’m never that comfortable with).

The shop is called Love Story (lovestorystore.com.au) and is in Willoughby, on the lower north shore of Sydney.  It’s a great fit with my blog, as the ‘target audience’ is 30-50.  It’s still all very new but as 2016 unfolds I hope my vision for it to have a unique feel and meaning will be realised.

But for now, I’ll just show you the first window I dressed for launch. I was very proud of myself.


(If you want, you can also see more of the shop, outfits and products on insta @alovestorystore.  Come and follow me).