My Gucci Chloe Bag


One of the best things about being old? You don’t have to hunt down vintage designer items, you just pull out the first one you ever bought. In my case, in 1997.

So, when I started noticing the Chloe Drew bag I had a little deja vu. (Which was fortunate as I certainly didn’t have a little 2000 or so dollars.) And there it was, way up the back, carefully stored in the original dustbag, just waiting to re-enter the fashion-sphere. My smooth, high shine, black leather Gucci bag, purchased to celebrate getting away from a horrible job.

Unfortunately, like me in a bikini, no matter how loved and nurtured, it is a bit rough around the edges. Actually rough around the inners, as it was, as the blood red leather lining had rotted to the point that anything that comes near it ends up smeared as if in contact with an errant lipstick. But on the outside, it was relatively unscathed and adorned with the Gucci logo that immediately boasts ‘Tom Ford era’ to anyone over 40 (in my opinion, the peak years). Yet the shape references Drew enough to bring it into the second decade of the millennium.

For now though, I craved just a little extra embellishment, as well as a longer strap. Even when I first wore it I didn’t like the way it sat on my shoulder, part backpack, part shoulder bag. With extra length it would work better as a cross body bag, which is how I prefer to wear my bags at the moment. This dilemma was solved in finding a faux-Celine c 2013 large silver link necklace from Zara and adding it to the leather. Voila, a cross body bag, with some heavy metal to perk it up.

As it still lacked a little something I dived into shopping obsession. For weeks. It was an unhealthily excessive amount of expended energy that ultimately led me back to where it all started. The Gucci key ring I settled on sits really nicely at mid point of the two straps, adding decoration and for anyone who looks really carefully a whimsical logo resolution between past and present.

I’ve currently got this bag on high rotation and loving its story.


Have you got your own vintage pieces that have done more than one go at centre stage?