Ex-Con seen in Vans

My friend Uli once told me a story about her teenage son.

She had asked him if she looked too old to be wearing something. He answered that she looked fine, but the thing he thought was really embarrassing was ‘old people’ (so, I’m guessing, anyone over 30) wearing Converse shoes.

I must admit, it did provoke a moment of uncertainty, but I pushed his comment to the back of my mind and kept on being comfortable, and I think, cool. Well cool for an oldie.

‘Sand shoes’, like Cons, are great not just for their function but to ground outfits that might seem too formal or feminine. I get a lot out of mine.

And let’s not forget the (relative) low cost. It’s pretty realistic to indulge in a few pairs.

I recently updated my casual shoe wardrobe with these Vans. I like them being white, but not too white and leather, not canvas. I like, most of all, that they zip up the back so I don’t have to faff with loosening and tightening shoe laces.


What do you think, would you wear ‘sport shoes’ outside of the gym?