Trending : Slip into something more comfortable

I wanted to do a piece on trends.  But I thought, rather than originate a new list, I’d use and personalise one  from  This is one of my favourite blogs for great images, shopping links and current trend editorial.  There’s a lot on the list though, so I will add to the blog one trend at a time.

First up, the slip dress.

  • If this blog is true to itself and about celebrating style for women of a certain age, then this has to be the most challenging trend of all.  So many body parts on show that have a special place in the older woman’s hall of shame.  The obvious, bingo wing but also the less top of mind, bit of skin next to the breast as it goes into the underarm.  To be honest, I hadn’t noticed this until pointed out by a friend, and of course now it’s where my eye goes to first.  Then there is the challenge for some that cannot be met with a strapless bra.  So many complexes, such a little slip of a dress!  The thing is, I kinda like this look. Maybe because I can’t get that iconic photo of Kate Moss is sheer gossamer slip dress on the bed out of my mind.  I love her and this photo is one of my favourites.  But just as likely because I think it is so much fun to style.  It’s prepared to play second fiddle to an overall ‘look’.   Big jumper over top, tight cashmere t-shirt underneath, with sneakers, sandals or ankle  boots.  And it’s just got a certain laid back and cool attitude that’s the epitome of Kate.


  • My verdict: This is a buy (or a go to your archives and resurrect if you’ve been a good little hoarder)


(Images: iamthebomb, joannatotolici, pursuitofshoes, stilexpress)