A Pair and a Spare

Of trends, that is. Continuing with the review I’ll chunk a few together today.  Unlike slip dresses, or mules (coming soon), these three feel a little more transient – they may be the fluro to the boyfriend jean, where one burnt bright (literally) and then fizzled, and the other slowly crept into the fashion vernacular and lodged itself.  Lust versus love.  The undercut to the asymmetric bob.

Billowy Sleeves

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love an extra long sleeve on shirt, sweatshirt and jumper.  I particularly like when there is a thumb hole to hold the length in place.  But the super long, flowing style that Ellery shirts are all about lately just don’t work in real life.  And let’s face it, 99.9% of us aren’t fashion bloggers getting dressed to take the one shot for insta fame.  We have to hand the salt to family members over the spaghetti, pick up kids – literally, pick them up – tangled sleeves can be downright dangerous.


  • Verdict:  Leave it to the experts.


  • I’m a fashion magpie, so this one has me all over it.  I’ll mix my metals (jewellery), I get giddy with hardware (on my bags and shoes), and lurex and lame beckon to me across the Zara floor.
  • Zara is the operative word here – don’t mortgage the house for this trend.  It’s bright, it’s fun but I’ve a feeling that while the concept won’t go away that quickly, individual items will lose their shine faster than a gold tone necklace from Lovisa.

Suede Pieces

  • What is it about this material that has women so scared?  Sure, you don’t want to drop your fish and chips in your lap when wearing it, but with a little care you really should be able to get quite a few ‘wow’ moments between dry cleans.  (I have actually washed my suede with great results.  You may want to try it, but please don’t hate spam me if it doesn’t work out for you).


  • Verdict? I love it and will buy it, but I think the fear will keep this trend small and short lived.  That being said, suede is always impressive, so after the end of the trend, you will still be winning.


Images: chic overdose, pwheredidyougetthat, thefashiontag, shoemuse