A trend to run with

Flat Mules

  • Mules overall have been threatening to trip us up once gain for a few years now. Something just isn’t translating though, because beyond the bloggers these consistently end up in end of season sales.  I’ve got a pair of Gucci from the mid 90’s that allude very much to the latest hot Gucci mule, yet so annoyingly hard to wear I suspect that may be the reason they haven’t got traction.  The flat mule (and perhaps the low heel mule, a la Mansur Gavriel) may be the answer.   I’m hoping that this one will catch on.  Remember the cheap Chinese beaded slipper (‘mule’) of the early 2000’s.  I do, and I still love the memory of it.


  • Verdict?  Keep an eye on this.  It needs a couple of super influential bloggers to spend their summer in this style to really get it off the ground, but if it does, buy, buy, buy (although I think the Chinese Slippers will have to stay in the Hot Dollar Shop for a while).