Life as I wore it

There’s still some trends to be reviewed, but I thought I’d mix it up and do an outfit post.  Showing everyday outfits takes me back to the start of the blog, which was all about style when you are beyond the age when anyone gives much of a damn about what you wear, let alone what you think you should wear.

It’s been alternatively hot and wet in Sydney so it’s hard to plan ahead.  Actually, it’s hard to plan for the day.  But overall, it’s on the warmer side as it should be in summer in Australia!

The main theme that stands out for me when I look at these pics is that I’ve had most of the pieces for three or more years.  I guess that means they are investment pieces.  I’m talking about the Camilla kaftan and Marni necklace (at least five years ago), the Acne cream silk dress (exactly 5 years ago), Chloe sandals (at least three years ago).  So, for me, buying ‘good’ stuff pays back.  Even though these pieces aren’t my faves any more, I still feel ‘good’ in them, year after year.  Honestly, it’s probably more about me being superficial than anything to do with quality or fashion, but I just don’t get that same feeling from chain store buys.

The other thing that stands out for me is the memory of seeing this Marant top and pant together for the first time.  It was only a few months ago, when I only had the top half of this combo, that I saw a particularly stylish friend swan into view in just this double-up. She looked fab-u-lous. From that moment I became obsessed with tracking down the bottom half to my top, so I too could be as resplendent as she was that day. I’m guessing around 50 hours actually went into finally nabbing these on eBay (just a bit OCD and wrong at the same time).

Honestly, I never, ever thought I’d do a match up like this, partly because it’s taken me so many years to undo the ‘matchy-matchy’ inclinations I inherited from my mum (stylish, but in an earrings matches bangle matches top sort of way).  I think my friend wore it better, but I am actually happy with my outcome.

The final internal commentary is around the long, boot sandal in the third pic.  I personally really like this look, but I have a friend who recently questioned the expiry age for wearing this type of footwear.

Clearly not 53 in my opinion, I wear mine often, what do you think?