The end of trends … today

So the last of the ‘trends’ wrap up – when there aren’t really trends any more, at the same time as there are so many more than I’ve included in this recent wrap up.  But sticking with the original list from for now …

‘Pleated pieces’

  • It has really been a long time between pleats.  Every few years they put their head up, but it all comes down to the simple fact that they are unforgiving to all but the tallest and leanest from a shape point of view.  Add onto that, the librarian image of pleats can look ironically chic on a 20 year old, whilst confusing when worn by someone in their mid-fashion years … “is she fashion forward or a fashion archive”
  • Verdict? Keep away from the skirts and seek out pants or clearly ‘now’ fashion elements (like an extra long, billowy sleeve perhaps).  If you have a vintage Miyake lurking in the back of the wardrobe you can also show off to the youngster fashionistas in “this old thing!”.


Romantic Maxi Dresses

  • Really, this is a new trend? Perhaps if it is specifically chiffon, Victoriana/Edwardian- like.  Either way, this  is tricky for anyone but the youngest and willowiest of fashion lovers.  That being written, I have the black, chiffon lace dress below, from Zara that has had three outings within the space of about three weeks.  With a sandal one time, a Converse the second and a Clegerie platform sandal the third.  Something about this particular version isn’t too billowy, or frilly and just works and I feel so cool in it.  And at under $100 I get in and out of this trend with a minimum of negative emotion.
  • Verdict? Give it a try, but try and get something that can be accessorised into versatility.  Usually opportunities to run barefoot across a beach at dusk don’t come around that often.

So that’s it for today. But it’s FW2016 fashion week at the moment, so stay tuned, contrary to what I’ve said before, there is no end in trend.