Slip Dress Done Three Ways

It’s hot in Sydney lately. Consistently hot. Which isn’t very Sydney, even though theoretically, it fits perfectly with it being summer.

Coincidentally, slip dresses are also hot at the moment and I am a big, big fan, despite the fact that I am at an age that where thoughts of slips are often more about petticoats, or what happens when you get out of bed too quickly (OK, I’m exaggerating on the fragility, but I do wonder, is petticoat even a word any more?).

So I decided to slip into something comfortable three days last week.  Sort of sounds like a fashion degustation menu item … ‘Slip dress done three Ways’.

The first look was the trickiest.  The slimmer fitting, bias cut silk and light colour of this slip tend to have it filed under ‘for skinny days only’.  I have actually, more often worn it in winter under a long sweater.  But I wanted to try out the D.I.Y. off the shoulder look, utilising a man style white shirt and so these two pieces came together.  I was rather loving my cleverness in this, even if the under slip part keep slipping down and the over shirt piece kept slipping up.  I’m recommending it though, it’s fashion forward and with some cover up is adaptable for most.

(My shirt Swildens from in store – happy to sell one to you, slip dress years old Alexander Wang, Golden Goose high-tops underneath)

The second look is more straight-up.  Take one slip dress and accessorise. In this case, on-trend bandana (available in store) and Gucci mule/slipper which I are new.

Because this dress fits loose, this was easy to wear from a body conscious point of view.  I think this look is great at showing how updating your accessories will immediately update just about anything else in your wardrobe.

The last look is my favourite though.  Super comfortable and I just like the dress over jeans thing. This slip is by Ginia RTW, which I can’t keep on the rack in store, they are so popular.  Beautiful soft silk (same as used by Equipment), great wider body cut and straight neckline and perfect length, especially if you actually have to do stuff like move, bend over and things like that.

I also have my trusty Dylan Kain leather neck lariat/tie thingy that I wear like this, or on my wrist, or through belt loops on jeans.  Honestly, if you can even get your hands on one of these, you should snap it up (mine sold up in a couple of weeks).

The red shoes are years old, hardly worn Sigerson Morrison Mary-Janes that are now having a moment.  And I’m glad, because both times I’ve worn them lately they have given my jeans combo a fresh look.

What do you think of the slip dress trend?