The Palermo Print Clash

Today, it was perfectly hot to wear this slip of silk that is called the Five Ways dress by the designer of brand Coco Ribbon*.  It’s such a simple concept and the designer suggests 5 different ways to wear it, using the silk tie it comes with.  I’ve gone bit off-piste and just tucked it into my pant to get this drape, but I also found a few additional ways to hitch and tie it playing around this morning.  I am a real fan of items that work across occasions and can be styled to look completely different – it makes investment dressing more than just about quality, but also versatility. So many of us don’t have crazy glamorous lives where we can have different outfits for every outing, so pieces that morph from top to dress to tunic and from day to night are brilliant.


I was (trying to) channeling Olivia Palermo this morning and decided to completely mix up my patterns.  These Romance Was Born pants were bought four years ago and also in silk.  They’re quite tame for these designers.  In the absence of the perfect pump (I’m not Olivia Palermo after all) I opted for comfort and pulled out my slides – I’m sure pumps would have finished the look better, but at least I can feel my feet at the end of the day.

I often think ‘what would (style icon) do’ to inspire an outfit, do you ever and if so, who?

*Coco Ribbon, is a luxe brand of boho-ish designs that are made in the most beautiful silks and often embellished with intricate embroidery at one end of the spectrum, and tough-nut studs at the other.  You can check out their new range here or you can pop into Love Story. (