Update your look for $0

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely you’ll agree that new clothes  make us feel good, for all different reasons.

But having recently been forced back into my wardrobe to ‘shop’, it’s surprising how fulfilling that can also be and  how just little tweaks can make something feel fresh again.

It’s true, that so often it’s not the actual piece itself, but how it’s worn that makes it stylish.  Think of our favourite French icons.  They just seem to sling things on, but this apparent fashion-insouciance is not without thought.

Styling tricks develop with trends, or can even become the trend.  Which is great news if you are on a limited budget –  you can go from AW15 to SS16 fashion week with a simple sleeve roll … or unroll as the case may be right now.

Here’s a few to get you started.

Cut the hems off your jeans and leave raw.

You can be really directional and cut the front short than the back, but I think that looks a little contrived.  I’ve just cut mine equally around.

You also have to decide which is your length.  The cropped length seems the most popular and I like it best for me as I usually prefer a bit of skin show between pant and shoe if I’m not wearing a boot.

Those old boot-leg  jeans you’ve been keeping for their fashion re-invention, should give about the perfect amount of ‘kick’ that works best for a shorter length.

I also cut my extra long legged, white flares that had never been worn.  It hurt a little to do it as that all white, 70’s outfit I had planned with super high heels would have looked great. At the same time, I’d been waiting three, fruitless months for the right opportunity to wear it, yet have worn the cut-off version of jeans twice already.

Final tip – wash them first and get the fray started.  Fresh cut bottoms are a bit like pant creases in jeans.

(all photos thefashionspot.com)

As I alluded to before, unroll your sleeves and let them poke out.  Even better, grab a mans dinner shirt (you know the sort with the double cuff that needs a cufflink) and let the sleeves hang long.  Sleeves are big news this season. Flared, ruched, and long.  There you have it, fashion week FROW without leaving the comfort of your own (or partner’s) wardrobe.

(image thefashionspot.com, or buy new on left http://www.annaquan.com)

Get out your scarves and play around with them.  Simply my favourite accessory, a scarf can be a belt, a cuff, a choker and a …. scarf.  Channel Saint Laurent and Bianca Jagger and wear it long under an open collar, or jacket.  Keep wrapping the same scarf like a bandana or wear it around your waist and tie in a bow.  If you have a bandana, turn it around point side front, turn it back point side back, tie around your wrist.  As we move into winter, try wearing your big woolly scarf hanging over your outwear and belting (actually, this is more 2015 than 2016 but it’s still worth a go).

(photos: the fashionspot.com)

That should get you started, but a few other things to look out for whilst you’re rummaging around …. any pants with the buttons on the outside of the fly, any leather lariat type ties, flares and lurex.

Do you have any great styling tips that never fail?