I am no Saint

Current state of mind … Do I or don’t I keep ridiculously expensive hoodie delivered in my favourite black box, which is now cooling off, slightly ajar but with contents intact, in my wardrobe?  Spending this much on fleece cotton, destined for wearing to school pick up, netball courtside and a single more formal event – juxtaposed with a formal bottom half and heels – is emotionally challenging me in ways that a pair of shoes for the same amount never did.

Surely, the authentic concept of a hoodie is something utilitarian, devoid of pretence, not needing of any particular integrity or fineness of fabric or construction – yet, there it is, in its monotone black glory with only the smallest logo, at a price that would easily buy at least 10 with no logo (and I’m talking about sweatshirts not made in sweatshops).  Sure, it sold out very, quickly, everywhere, which drove me to obsessively hunt it down at the expense of properly supervising homework or finishing my bookclub novel for the month –  but now I have it, do I want it.

More importantly, if I don’t keep it, will I regret it?

I’m scared to ask the question of anyone else, there seems a peculiar vulgarity about spending so many hundreds on a sweatshirt.  So I have to seek counsel only with myself, should it stay it should it go?