I started writing this blog in 2013, way before I opened Love Story Store, and then let it languish.  As I start blogging again, as part of my new business as a boutique and styling service on the lower north shore of Sydney, it seems to make sense to just continue what I started back then.

The original idea was based around how women who had lived through their 20’s to tell their tale and being a bit older (or even a big bit older), often with a child or two in tow, could still rock great style.

Moving forward, we aim to stay in the everyday that most of us live – as much as I’d love it, travelling around the world wearing gifted Valentino isn’t my life and I know it’s not most of yours.  Along the way I hope to bring you great looks, interesting musings, shopping and style tips and a bunch more inspiration I haven’t thought of yet.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you decide to stay around.