March 24

Monday Shopping List

      Did I mention that I’m self-employed? Well, for the past few months it’s more like self-unemployed and all sorts of onerous adjustments have been made. Simply the worst is that I am on a shopping hiatus until further notice (like, someone pays me to do some work for them). It doesn’t really […]

March 24

Weekend Lunch

Warm weekends should be spent with warm friends. So Sunday lunch saw me pulling out an oldie but a goodie, Acne cream silk dress. I love a piece that isn’t ‘in’ or ‘out’, can be dressed up or down, works young or old. I think this is one of those pieces. Contrast with black and […]

Hello Again.

It’s been seven months since my last post. Last August I was full of anticipation for my inaugural holiday in New York, which coincidentally happened to be at the same time as Fashion Week.  A rational thinking person would predict that fashion-gorging would be the inevitable end result, with many excited and accompanying blog posts. […]

August 27

New York, New Stuff

Counting down now, only 9 more sleeps until I gorge myself at the smorgasbord of fashion that is New York. I’m expecting to be overwhelmed and already my Celine bag lust is being challenged by new-comer Goyard (new to my personal shopping horizon anyway).  So that’s Bergdorf-Goodman at the top of the list. I’ve also […]

August 16

A week in my shoes

What do I notice when I look at this week’s worth of outfits? – I currently prefer my Givenchy skater shows to just about every other pair in my shoe-robe because they are not just comfortable, but bring a little zing to any monotone palette.  I am going to have to stop myself buying more […]

Help Wanted

I bought this Theresa Rawsthorne dress last year, or perhaps the year before.  I’ve never worn it.  Partly because by the time I got reason to wear it, it had been usurped by newer options.  But also because the fit was a bit loose and it lacked that ‘something’.  But rather than just sell it, […]

Leather Shorts, by Uli

Hot on the heels of my cropped top road test, Uli writes about hot pants. My baby sister Katarina, 42, showing me that you are never too old for a great pair of leather shorts (I was in two minds about this). I’m now convinced I need a fab pair for summer but since my […]

August 12

Road Test : The Crop Top

Not something you thought you might see in a fifty year olds blog.  Probably something you think you shouldn’t see.  I get that. But once a fashion tragic, always a fashion tragic.  I’m an Aries, the process of new and renewal is part of my astrological makeup.  Combine that with having a mother who’s seasonal […]

Uli’s Shopping

Uli writes “I have been wanting one of these for ages but never gotten around to buying one, but finally here it is, just what I didn’t need but love looking looking at it”

Uli’s shopping Tips

  My friend Uli has been quiet on the blog lately.  Lucky her, visiting the family in Sweden. But she has just sent though these amazing Pierre Hardy High Top Lace-Up Sneakers at Barneys and writes “They would look great with a wide pair of palazzo pants”. Which is great if you are near a […]

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